Digital Meeting Solution in Bangladesh

Here we have tried to release the detailed features of our digital meeting solution. If you spend five minutes reading the features deeply, you will agree with us that it is the best digital meeting solution in Bangladesh. We have been successful in arranging the digital meeting for many member companies of DSE. Our meeting solution is not only applicable for virtual AGM, it enables you to perform any corporate meeting.

The Detailed Features of our Digital Meeting Solution in Bangladesh



Virtual Meeting Platform for AGM

Virtual Platform

Virtual Platform is to ensure all shareholders have equal access to discuss and raise any concerns they may have. It also simplifies the entire AGM Process from pre-to-post meetings to facilitate shareholder participation and further necessary services.

Multiple-Participation in Virtual AGM

Multiple Participation

Multiple participation is allowed with the required credential from anywhere. Besides, we will have a 360-degree camera in the conference room, and multiple people will be shown on the screen from the same room. The speaker will get focus on the screen while talking.

OTP-Management for Digital Meeting Solution in Bangladesh

OTP Management

Shareholders will get a One Time Password (OTP) in their registered mobile number to get secured login to the Virtual AGM platform. OTP will authenticate shareholders’ access, which ensures the shareholder’s authenticity.

speech registration

Speech Registration

Shareholders can register prior to the meeting to speak up during the AGM. However, they will need to get approval beforehand by describing their speech and agenda to the proper authority. Upon approval, a shareholder will get the link for a certain time to deliver their speech.


Agenda Management

During the meeting, shareholders can offer proposals both in Bangla and English, which all the participants can see. A shareholder cannot propose multiple agendas.

Proposed & Seconded

Proposed & Seconded

Whenever a particular agenda is proposed, other participants can second that agenda. But whoever proposed the agenda, he or she cannot second own agenda.

Real time Vote Casting

Real-time Vote Casting

The host can set a poll to take votes for any agenda. And Shareholders can cast their vote live during the meeting. However, the host can also set the time limit to cast a vote, and after a specific time period poll will be closed.

Real Time Vote Result

Real-time Voting Result

After closing the vote casting, the result will be counted automatically and shown right away to all.

Proxy Management

Proxy Management

On our virtual AGM platform, proxy attendees are allowed to join the meeting on behalf of shareholders through proxy registration. The proxy attendee will get access to all the features like an active shareholder.

Live Video Streaming

Live Video Streaming

Presentations and videos can be live-streamed on YouTube and other social platforms. The live streaming feature enables the presenter or host to select whether he or she wants to stream the video public or keep it private within the participants.


Audio-Visual Recording

Our automated system will record the whole meeting and save it on the secured service for a lifetime.


Device Accessible

Our platform is accessible from any device, whether it is Desktop Computer, Laptop, Android Phone & Tablets, or iPhone & iPad. The platform is responsive, so anyone can join the meeting from any device without having issues with the quality.

24-Hour-Report-Delivery for Digital Meeting Solution in Bangladesh

24-Hour Report Delivery

We will provide the detailed report within 24-hour to submit to the proper regulatory body.


User Log Activity

Each user’s activity, such as logged-in IP, time, etc. will be monitored and recorded for future reference.


Life Time Access

After the AGM, shareholders will get lifetime access to the meeting so that they can watch the recording again from anywhere.


Secured System

Our SSLencrypted server ensures a highly secured data transfer, which makes sure that all the data remain safe.

Meeting Capacity of a Digital Meeting

Meeting Capacity

An unlimited number of shareholders can participate in the meeting through our cloud server without any interruption.


Content Management

During the meeting, the host will be able to share any relevant content with the participants, including files, PPT, media, and other documents.


Archiving Record

Everything will be backed up on the server for future access by the authority, such as for auditing and investigation purposes.  Synchronize the data with two servers so that each server has an identical copy of the same volume.


Trial Meeting

The host will get train about the platform prior to hosting an AGM. Besides, the host will also get ins and out of the platform to conduct the AGM without any interruption.


Post AGM Management

After the meeting, detailed reports on the voting results, Q&A sessions, cash & dividend calculation, payment distribution, and processing will be provided via quick and easy data exports.


Backup Server

We have multiple server backups. If a server goes down, the backup server will be up right away to ensure an uninterrupted meeting.


Support Services

The external tech support team will be there before and during the meeting to ensure that any technical issues can be resolved promptly.

User Manual for Digital Meeting Solution in Bangladesh

User Manual

Every shareholder will get a user manual in both English and Bangla. A well-crafted, user-friendly “How to use guide” will help the shareholders to use the Virtual AGM platform without facing any trouble.


We have included all features that a digital meeting solution should have. But most of the digital meeting service providers only provide the only video conference system. But for a perfect virtual meeting solution, you need many more features that we already have described above. For this why our solution is the best digital meeting solution in Bangladesh.


Q. What is a digital meeting?


When more than one person connects each other through a computer network from different parts of the world and communicates with each other by sending audio and video messages, it is called a digital meeting.