Share BackOffice Management (SharePlus)

Share Management System

A complete software solution on Back Office Management for the Share Department, which provides the up-to-date shareholding position and other necessary statement which will be covered all sort of compliance under the regulatory board.

Objective: Share Management System will ensure its accuracy and fulfill all requirements of the system if the user handles the system properly. This system is prepared for helping the user to operate the company share system. In order to work with the system, the user must follow the steps. Using our system, we are managing successfully with AGM Attendance, Data Calculation & Processing, and Courier Distribution Tracking, Dividend (Cash & Stock) processing & printing, etc. Recently we also induced the post issue management in our system like IPO Share, Right Share, Stock/Cash Dividend, etc.


  1. General Features (Regular Activities)
  • Shareholder Information (Folio & BOID)
  • Shareholder Category Definition
  • Transferor/Transferee Information
  • Search by Folio/BOID or Name, Address, Contact Number, Father/Mother
  • Certificate Search Against Folio
  • Shareholding Percentage
  • Shareholder list with address (with contact no, email) or without address
  • Shareholder List with a holding range
  • Shareholding Status Category wise
  • Category wise shareholder list
  • Classification of Shareholder by holding range
  • Shareholding wise Shareholder List
  • Annual Return Statement – Schedule X Statement for RJSC
  • Return of Allotment Statement – Schedule XV for RJSC
  • Upload Share Holding Position (RT14)
  • Upload Address Label Process (RT03)
  • Signature Verification
  • Address Label Print of Shareholder under BO and Index for  Half-yearly, Annual Report Delivery

B.1.Main Features (Functionalities)

  • Shareholder At-A-Glance
  • Corporate Action
  • Communication with Shareholder
  • Declaration of Dividend (Cash and/or Stock)
  • Folio wise and CDBL Data BO wise Share calculation
  • Folio wise and CDBL BO wise data processing
  • Define Bank and Branch using the Routing-No and Bank-Sorting
  • Bank Payment Entry with Reconciliation
  • Return from Bank of Beneficiary
  • Scrip Certificate Balance History
  • Share Transfer related report (Optional)
  • Prepare AGM related work (i.e. attendance list, Label print for Courier)
  • Bonus Share Calculation and Bonus Credit Entry with Reconciliation
  • List of Lot Bonus and Stock Dividend
  • Fractional Share Calculation
  • Fractional Warrant Preparation
  • Bank Reconciliation for Stock Dividend and Cash Dividend
  • Annual Return for Register of Joint Stock Company
  • Percent Wise Shareholders Report
  • Group Wise Shareholders Report

B.3. CDBL Reconciliation

  • BO wise shareholding position
  • Demitted Data Import from CDBL Database (RT21)
  • Upload Share Holding Position (RT14)
  • Demat Certificate List