Virtual AGM in Bangladesh – Best Online Meeting Platform

HiSoft Corporation has implemented a virtual meeting system in SharePlus to serve an end-to-end web-enabled Virtual AGM Bangladesh. This feature enables the system to make wonderful video conference. Using this system it is possible to arrange any virtual AGM. This virtual AGM service is suitable to simplify the entire AGM Process from pre-to-post meeting to facilitate shareholder participation and further necessary services.  We are the best Zoom Virtual AGM Service Provider in Bangladesh to ensure all shareholders have equal access to discuss and raise any concerns they may have. Today virtual meeting software is an essential tool for different organizations for their necessary official meetings. But most of them are using Zoom meeting software which is not enough to meet all purposes for an official meeting. So HiSoft has introduced a virtual meeting software which is the best to run Virtual AGM Bangladesh. The following tasks will be incorporated from pre-to-post AGM Management:

Pre-AGM Tasks with Zoom Virtual AGM Bangladesh:

  • Prepare a shareholder master data file with a valid email and mobile number
  • Ensure the Annual Report (PDF Version) sent to the shareholder through email.
  • Create a Virtual Meeting Room with a specific date & time for Annual General Meeting.
  • Define a Host Control (Company Secretary or his nominated person) who will be managed all audience (Participant) – verify the valid shareholder, allow to access the Virtual Meeting Room, allow to un-mute the microphone for individual speech.
  • Circulate the Virtual Meeting Link with a password to all directors, sponsors, and shareholders through Email and SMS. Circulate also guidance of the Virtual AGM through email.
  • Orientation about the Virtual Meeting through some trial sessions (3/4 times) before conducting the AGM. During the orientation, any shareholder can join to understand the new platform.
  • Manage the meeting room with multiple participants where the remote participant will be connected individually
  • Arrange a Live Streaming Process and broadcast to YouTube Channel (Optional).
  • Organize a first trial meeting with the own-staff in the digital format.
  • Organize a second trial meeting with the directors and sponsor in the digital format.
  • Prepare a Voting Platform to allow shareholders to cast all votes electronically.
  • Question and Comment Panel through Chat Box.
  • Circulate the reminder message to join the Virtual AGM through email and SMS to all Shareholders.


During the AGM tasks in the digital platform:

  • Virtual Meeting Solution to facilitate all shareholders’ participation and accessible from any device (Computer, Laptop, Tab, and Smartphone).
  • Real-time vote casting and result should be displayed instantly.
  • Manage Question and Answer through the Chat Box.
  • Release the Live Streaming and broadcast to YouTube Channel where shareholders can tune from anywhere and any device.
  • Capture the Audio-Visual Record – full-length of AGM Event.


Post-Annual General Meeting Tasks in the digital platform:

  • Detail reports for submission of the regulatory board
  • Attendance Register with Shareholder credential (BO ID, Name, Shares)
  • Agenda wise voting result with Shareholder credentials (Name, BOID)
  • All comments with Shareholder credential (Name, BO ID) in text form and voice form
  • Annual Return to RJSC (Schedule X)
  • Address Label for All shareholder as on record date


Necessary Requirements for Virtual Annual General Meeting Bangladesh:

  • Internet Bandwidth: Uninterruptable 25-30MB from the Host Control
  • Uninterruptable Power Connectivity during the AGM
  • Necessary Devices (Laptop, PC, Tab, iPad, SmartPhone) should be available for the individual participants.
  • Video Background (Digital Banner) for the Virtual Meeting.


Necessary IT Enabled Services for Virtual AGM Management

Master Data Preparation and release necessary reports

  • Data Process from CDBL
  • Master File prepare as on Record Date
  • Prepare the list of Shareholder
  • Address Label Print
  • Attendance Report and necessary report

Virtual AGM Management Portal & Services

Admin Panel Feature:

  • Shareholder Management
  • Agenda Management
  • Comment/Message Management
  • Live Event Management
  • Online Vote Management
General Shareholder Panel Feature:

  • Login through Valid BOID with a credential
  • Oversea the Live Event of AGM
  • Agenda Vote Casting
  • Message/Comment Posting
  • View all approved Message/Comment
  • View the total number of attendance

Other Services

  • Circulate the Virtual Meeting Link to all directors, sponsors, and shareholders through Email and SMS
  • Arrange a Live Streaming Process and broadcast to YouTube Channel
  • Organize a Trial meeting with own-staff, selected shareholders, directors, and sponsors in the digital format.
  • Capture the Audio-Visual Record – full-length of AGM Event.

Technical Support

  • Host Management Support to Board Secretary Department
  • Stand-by support during the AGM-Day

Speech Management – Audio-Visual Record (Prior Selection)

  • Arrange some workstation at the company premises for selective shareholder’s participation
  • Live Participation through the Zoom Meeting Room for a Certain Time

Report Generation

  • Data Process for register of joint-stock companies & firms compliance
  • Annual Return file create (Crystal Report, Excel & PDF Format File)
  • AGM Attendance List from the Virtual Platform
  • Comment/Message list from the virtual platform
  • Agenda wise voting result
  • 3 Copies DVD of the Full-length Audio-Visual Record File of AGM
  • Other necessary reports


Q. How to join a Virtual AGM?

Ans.  Joining in our virtual meeting is as easy as joining a zoom meeting. During the meeting, you will get a login screen. You will put your BO ID, then an OTP will appear on your mobile phone. Using that OTP you will easily log in to our virtual meeting system.

Q. What are the Pre-AGM tasks in Bangladesh?

Ans. There are several tasks that a company has to do for making preparation for AGM. CDBL data processing is one of the main tasks among them.  Using the HiSoft share virtual AGM software you can do data processing very easily.

Q. What are the Post-AGM tasks in Bangladesh?

Ans. SharePlus is a very useful tool to maintain post-AGM tasks after the Annual General Meeting. AGM Attendance report preparation, cash dividend, and stock dividend calculation, government tax calculation, BEFTN for cash dividend payments are very hard jobs for the employees of a company.  SharePlus makes these jobs easy and faster.  The virtual meeting part of the HiSoft share AGM software gives it extra facilities to complete the full AGM process.

Q. What are the main challenges for Virtual AGM in Bangladesh?

Ans. The smooth video streaming capacity is very important for the Virtual Annual General Meeting. It is the main challenge to run virtual meeting software. Though the high internet bandwidth to the client end is also important. We often get complaints about different cheap software where shareholders are facing problems during login to access the virtual AGM software. But we can assure you smooth access to our software during AGM.

Q. Why HiSoft is the best digital AGM platform service provider company in Bangladesh?

Ans. It is not so difficult to judge the quality of a virtual meeting system. Our clients are satisfied with our services. During the AGM they have never felt any problem to login or access any part of our virtual meeting platform. So we offer you to test our digital AGM platform for your upcoming share AGM events.



HiSoft Corporation is well equipped to do Virtual AGM in Bangladesh. Since 2020 we have completed so many Virtual AGM using our SharePlus Software. Here we have shown some interactive and unique features that are useful for any virtual meeting. The reputed Bank of Bangladesh and many other organizations are using this digital platform for their virtual annual general meeting in Bangladesh. So if you think about the best virtual meeting software in Bangladesh you should keep in mind our SharePlus that many companies used successfully for their virtual AGM since 2020.